Our goal is to unify and coordinate professional and amateur astronomers around the world to perform time-sensitive observations of astronomical transients. REFITT is the world's first AI engine with the ability to design optimal observation recommendations in real time using a weighted analysis of the varying capabilities, costs, and benefits of the diverse pool of telescopes and instruments at its disposal. This project represents an enormous leap forward in addressing the need for autonomous, evidence-based, instantaneous decision-making as time domain astronomy enters the era of Big Data.



1. Light curve data is retrieved
REFITT ingests alerts from sky surveys that have first passed through data brokers that add information to transient discoveries. Data from other sources is also accepted.

2. REFITT determines where to collect data
REFITT makes predictions about how transients will evolve and recommends follow up strategies that best augment the light curve.

3. Recommendations are distributed
REFITT broadcasts and optimally coordinates recommendations that have been prioritized by scientific utility.

4. Data is collected by the user
Observations are made by a diverse network of observing agents and reported back to REFITT.

5. Process repeats with new data
The data that the REFITT community collects is used to create new recommendations.


Are you an amateur or professional astronomer with access to a telescope? You can work with the REFITT community to make spectacular discoveries! By analyzing your equipment, location, and predicted weather, REFITT determines the optimal area in the universe for you to collect images and data based on information collected by others. Join our worldwide team of astronomers to explore the unknown and learn more about the universe!



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